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Island Solar Films provide the best in window film products and window film installation services on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands.

At Island Solar Films, their experience and knowledge will give you the best window film solution to protect your family, your home, your business, commercial and institutional buildings.

Window films are a great investment. Window films are bonded to window glass to help make the glass stronger. Window films reduce heat and glare from the sun. They block damaging ultraviolet rays and reduce heat loss.

They help to keep us warm in winter, cool in summer and window films keep glass together to reduce or eliminate shards of flying glass if the window glass is broken. Window films can reduce and minimize the damage that vandals can leave behind if they attack windows with acid or paint or leave graffiti on the glass.

Window films reduce the sun’s harsh glare by up to 90%. Heat, generated by the sun’s infrared rays, is reduced by up to 97% which in turn can reduce your air conditioning costs by up to 30%. Reduce and slow the damage caused by UV rays. Island Solar window films reduce up to 99% of UV rays that cause fading and other damage to floors, carpets, wood, drapes, furnishings, paintings and wall coverings.

Learn more about the benefits of window films today.

Window film installers are trained in up to date techniques to ensure proper installation for all of our products

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Sun gard is the safety and security solution for the windows in your home or businessSafetyProtecting your family, employees and customers from the threat of personal injury due to a glass related accident is a concern to every home and business owner. Island Solar Films will install Sun-Gard window films that hold broken glass together, keeping dangerous shards attached to the window film.
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Secure window films are stronger and they will hinder and slow thieves smash and grab robbery attemptSecurityWindow films are shatter resistant. Windows are stronger because the window film will hinder and slow a thief’s smash and grab robbery attempt. 
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Building owners and property managers all over Vancouver Island can save on energy costs and improve the safety and security of their property Commercial ApplicationsOwners, customers, employees and tenants all benefit from window films from Island Solar Films.
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Window films will help retain heat in winter, reduce heat in summer, cut down on glare and reduce fading on interior surfaces Residential ApplicationsOur films will help to retain heat in winter, reduce heat in summer, cut down on glare and reduce fading on interior surfaces.
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Large Screen Doors Nanaimo Mirage Screen DoorsWe carry a wide array of large retractable screen doors from Mirage.
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