Reflective Films

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Providing maximum energy efficiency and value, reflective films reject excess solar radiation.

Silver and Solar Bronze films are particularly energy efficient on insulated glass, and are the most popular choice for commercial projects. These films cut heat buildup through glazing, and provide a quick return on investment.


Reflective Films provide:

• Excellent solar heat and glare rejection

• Highest levels of energy efficiency

• Quickest payback period

• 99+% UV block

• Upgraded building appearance

• Daytime privacy

• Low-E products: All year round energy efficiency

• Available in 20% and 35% VLT with either WA or PS adhesive


 Dual Reflective Films

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Dual Reflective Films have a reflective outer layer for high solar energy rejection, and also a less reflective inner layer.

The reflective finish of the exterior layer cuts heat buildup, while the low interior reflectance produces a lightly tinted, natural appearance which preserves the view.


Dual Reflective Films provide:

• High levels of heat rejection cuts energy costs by reducing consumption and peak load

• Outstanding glare control for enhanced comfort

• Warm neutral interior with low reflectivity preserves ambiance and views

• 99+% UV block limits fading and damage from the sun

• Durable and long-lasting color, the result of advanced nano-technology coatings

• Bold appearance upgrades building exterior and maintains daytime privacy


 Neutral Films

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Manufactured with ceramic layers on ultra-clear film, Neutral Films offer effective heat rejection with a less reflective appearance.

These films are ideal for preserving views, retaining a natural appearance, and also providing heat rejection.


Neutral Films provide:

• High heat rejection lowers cooling costs, enhancing comfort

• High glare reduction improves screen viewing, reducing eyestrain

• Neutral color provides natural gray appearance, inside and out

• 99% UV block limits fading and damage from the sun


 Spectrally Selective Films Header

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 Barely visible on the pane, Spectrally Selective Films are designed to block heat and UV radiation, while retaining high levels of daylight and preserving the natural appearance of the glass.


Spectrally Selective films provide:

• High visible light transmission is barely discernible on glass; yields high levels of natural daylight

• High heat rejection enhances comfort and reduces cooling costs Low reflectivity preserves views night and day

• <99% UV block cuts fading and sun damage

• Exterior installation films can upgrade efficiency of almost any glass unit

• Natural appearance maintains building’s original façade


 Specialty Films

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 Island Solar Films offer a variety of specialty films, such as black out, white out, translucent, and many others to suite your particular needs.

Contact Island Solar Films for more information on the many products we offer.


SolarZone Xtra Exterior Films 

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The SolarZone Xtra range of window films are special versions of many of the standard SolarZone window films, developed for installation on the exterior of the window, instead of on the interior (room side) of the glass.

Exterior films reject solar energy on the outer pane, keeping the inner pane cool and reducing the energy that penetrates inside even more effectively than a similar interior film.

SolarZone Xtra offers one of the best solutions for keeping interiors cooler in the summer, maximizing savings on energy costs, and upgrading energy efficiency.


Products Offered:

Reflective (Silver Xtra, Solar Bronze Xtra, Silver Matte 20 Xtra)

Specialty (AzuLite 35 Xtra)

Dual Reflective (Titan Xtra)

Spectrally Selective (e-Lite Xtra, OptiLite 75 Xtra)